What is Ultrasonic Liposuction

October 20th, 2014

Liposuction is a cosmetic process to reduce the fat and Ultrasonic Liposuction uses ultrasonic energy to complete the process. Like other surgeries, this type of surgery also carries advantages and disadvantages. The main advantage of ultrasonic liposuction is its ability to reduce the fat from large areas without an incision or any mechanical tools, which may prevent injury. Potential threats include blood clotting and harm to the peripheral nerves. This surgery liquefies the fat tissues, which are then sucked out of the body. Whether it is liposuction or ultrasonic liposuction, both surgeries require general anesthesia in the observation of a plastic surgeon. Patients are directed to follow some guidelines after the surgery, such as wear compression garments, do not lift weights,  and more.


Liposuction types: Internal and External. Internal ultrasonic liposuction; A long steel Cannula is inserted into the target via an incision, this Cannula delivers the ultrasonic waves specifically to the fat cells. External ultrasonic liposuction; the external method uses a metal device applied to the skin for sending the ultrasonic energy onto the fat. Ultrasonic liposuction is the most favorable by surgeons as it has more benefits such as less bleeding, breaking up fibrous, breaking tough body fat. These advantages are not available in traditional liposuction. A simple liposuction cannot break cellulite, while ultrasonic liposuction is capable to do this.

Adverse Reactions

Common adverse reactions of ultrasound liposuction procedures include numb feeling, inflammation, short-term discoloration at the liposuction site, and a prickling feeling in the skin. Compared with other types of liposuction procedures, ultrasound liposuction procedures have the potential to cause sores and burns on the epidermis, especially if the tip of the sensor/probe points up right under the epidermis. The process needs a large cut, and therefore can make a bigger damage than other liposuction procedures methods.


Common Misconceptions About Cosmetic Surgery: Too Expensive

September 17th, 2014

With recent advancements in cosmetic surgery, procedures are not only safer, but also more affordable. This is partly attributed to the ability to fore go the traditional hospital setting. Many cosmetic surgery procedures can now be safely conducted in a surgeon’s outpatient facility. There is also a growing number of minimally invasive and non-surgical cosmetic surgery options that are quite affordable. Additionally, many surgeons offer financing through specific lenders. The cost for cosmetic surgery is now more manageable with monthly payments.

Common Misconceptions About Cosmetic Surgery: For Women Only

The rate of men turning to cosmetic surgery is continually on the rise. With competition in the workplace and dating world, men are equally concerned with appearance as women. The top cosmetic surgical procedures requested by men are nose reshaping, hair transplantation and liposuction. liposuction. Men also choose from non-surgical offerings, such as Botox, laser hair removal and microdermabrasion. For more information visit www.breastbodylasvegas.com

Common Misconceptions About Cosmetic Surgery: Liposuction is for Weight Loss

Liposuction is primarily a body contouring method. It should not be used as a weight loss tool. The best candidates for liposuction are healthy and close to ideal weight, with stubborn pockets of fat proven unresponsive to exercise and dieting.

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Common Misconceptions: Cosmetic Surgery Looks Plastic

Recent developments in cosmetic surgery all point to natural-looking results. Many surgeons are committed to enhancement or improvement, rather than drastic change. Pictures of women with abnormally large breast augmentations and wind-blown facelifts are not the norm.

Common Misconceptions About Scars and Cosmetic Surgery

Medical advancements have led to increased precision and smaller incisions for procedures like a tummy tuck. A number of cosmetic surgery procedures can be performed endoscopically, reducing the risk of scars. The endoscopic method is performed with a tiny camera that assists with navigation during surgery. Even in cases of open surgery, many incisions can now be placed in areas that are more difficult to detect. Continue reading about tummy tuck surgery here breastbodylasvegas.com

Have a Consultation for Cosmetic Surgery

Deciding whether cosmetic surgery is right for you is a personal decision. Make an informed decision by consulting a qualified surgeon about the benefits and limitations. For assistance locating an experienced cosmetic surgeon

More details about a tummy tuck here webmd.com

Latest trends in male cosmetic surgery

September 15th, 2014

The modern day male can have one of several popular cosmetic surgeries for a number of reasons. If he wants his appearance to match his confidence and look on the outside as good as he feels on the inside, he can easily explore the idea of having a nip and tuck here and there without feeling awkward. Here’s a look at several common procedures that are becoming very popular among males.

Popular male cosmetic procedures

Gynecomastia is a common condition affecting many males and causes male breasts to form. Estrogen and androgen levels can get out balance. When this is a problem, surgery can be performed to remove the surgery. Facelifts can be performed on men experiencing signs of aging such as wrinkling and sagging skin. Many have facelifts to correct these issues. Nose reshaping is another common procedure performed on men who are concerned about a crooked profile or beaked nose. The rhinoplasty procedure is also used to correct flared nostrils. Eyelid surgery is another common surgery that is performed in order to refine the upper lids. The muscles are often tweaked during an eyelid surgery. Men are also getting transplantation procedures for cases where premature balding and male pattern baldness has occurred.

Cosmetic procedures have increased across the board in both men and women. The trend for male cosmetic surgery has dramatically increased in recent years. According to research, there was a 233 percent in Botox injections between 2000 and 2005. This trend alone indicates that men are becoming increasingly receptive to cosmetic surgery in order to improve their appearance. There was an increase of 10 percent between 2004 and 2005 in liposuction among men.
Men are becoming more receptive of plastic surgery. Men are open to having these procedures if the results can be achieved in a natural manner. Established surgeons can help any man achieve the desired look with the most natural results. If a man is taking good care of himself and wants to look as good as he feels, he can explore his options in a consultation with an experienced cosmetic surgeon.

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Manufacturers have long been interested in creating viable liposuction alternatives.

September 15th, 2014

The idea behind Carboxytherapy is to use carbon dioxide gas to interact with fat cells and allow for fat contouring and the improvement of cellulite. During the procedure, carbon dioxide gas is injected under the skin. The technology has been used on the face and body including: under the eyes and stretch marks. However, the technology has not been FDA approved as a liposuction alternative. Carboxytherapy is potentially harmful to the eyes. It is contended that the gas bubbles may enter the eye’s blood vessels and may result in blindness.

The FDA requires clinical trial data that supports the safety and effectiveness of technology and procedures. The clinical trial may be conducted by the manufacturer of the product or an independent party that involves a number of voluntary participants who undergo the treatment and documents the results of the therapy over time. This provides a controlled atmosphere to document metabolic and biological changes as well as the safety and effectiveness of the procedure. With so many credible forms of liposuction available, it is wise to select the tried and true options for liposuction instead of being subject to a potentially harmful method. Liposuction is the only FDA approved method for the permanent removal of fat cells.

Choose an AAAASF Accredited Center

September 15th, 2014

It is advisable to get the cellulite laser treatment done from an AAAASF – accredited treatment center. Such a center, apart from providing state-of-the-art facilities, offers the services of qualified plastic surgeons. The treatment is designed and customized as per the requirements of a patient’s physical, social and psychological needs. Talk to your surgeon about the concerns you have and your desired aesthetic goals. This is important to help the plastic surgeon plan the treatment that works best in your case.

The Best Plastic Surgeons In America – Guess Who

September 10th, 2014


Mommy Makeover: When is the Right Time

September 9th, 2014

Being a mom has been described as the most rewarding job in the world. It’s true: the intrinsic rewards are immeasurable (although the salary leaves a bit to be desired.) As rewarding as motherhood is, it also can feel all-consuming. Moms become so focused on taking care of their children and keeping them happy and healthy that they often forget to take care of themselves. Between changing diapers, driving the carpool, and refereeing sibling rivalries, it can be tough to find time to make it to the gym, hair salon, or makeup counter. It’s important to make time.
With Notable Exceptions, It’s Always the Right Time for a Mommy Makeover
Anytime a mom is feeling stressed out, frumpy, or down in the dumps, a mommy makeover can make all the difference. When we feel good about how we look we become more optimistic, energetic, and open to embracing what life hands us.

The notable exceptions are immediately before or after giving birth. Immediately before or after having a baby, many moms are fragile and hormonal. They may feel so overwhelmed that they tell their hair stylist that they no longer want long hair, they’re ready for a pixie cut. It’s best not to make drastic decisions during this time. Furthermore, pre- and post-pregnancy tends to be a time that moms appreciate laying low. It’s no fun to get a mommy makeover when you’re not in the mood to let the world see the new you!

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If you’re not counting down the hours until you give birth and you’re not nursing a brand-new infant, it’s the ideal time to treat yourself to a mommy makeover. Whatever it is that’s bothering you about your appearance, you can change it. That’s what hair salons, Botox, liposuction, trendy boutiques, nail salons, and personal trainers are for. Feel guilty about splurging on yourself? Don’t. Think about all you do for your children and family on a given day. You deserve to treat yourself every once in awhile. Your family will benefit from your transformation, because once you take care of yourself and feel good about yourself, you’ll be motivated to be the best mom you can be. A mommy makeover is good for the entire family.

What is a Weekend Facelift?

September 9th, 2014

As many people start to age, they begin to inevitably start to notice fat deposits or sagging skin in certain areas such as around their jaw line and neck, common problems that are typically addressed with facelift surgery. But, many potential candidates hesitate when it comes to getting a traditional facelift due to the fear of appearing ‘pulled’ or ‘tight’ as well as enduring a long, painful recovery period.

In direct response to the desire for a more youthful, natural appearance that takes hardly any time away from an individual’s busy lifestyle, a new procedure was developed call the ‘weekend facelift’. This special technique is a revolutionary alternative due to its less invasive and simpler approach to a conventional facelift.

The Weekend Facelift Process

The term ‘weekend facelift’ refers to an innovative face contouring process, similar to skin tightening and liposuction in the jowls, chin, and neck area, which promptly heals in just a few days with virtually no recovery problems. While the weekend facelift doesn’t have the same general results as a full traditional surgical facelift, it does allow individuals to go back to work rather quickly and diminishes the risk of potential complication. In fact, the procedure can be performed on a Friday and the patient can be back to work on Monday, which is why it’s called a ‘weekend facelift’.


Outpatient Surgery

The weekend facelift is generally done on an outpatient basis, lasting only an hour or less. It’s performed under local anesthesia, which is much safer than general anesthesia that’s given during a traditional facelift. During surgery, the physician makes a small incision that’s cleverly hidden in the chin’s natural fold. Through that particular incision, fat deposits are literally suctioned out from the neck area leaving the skin to naturally contract and neatly tighten.

Different from conventional facelifts that can often lead to unsightly scars and a ‘plastic’ appearance, the weekend facelift results in a more natural, revitalized appearance minus the visible scars or obvious signs of major surgery. This makes it a very discreet process. The extremely short recovery period following the procedure offers very little to no pain at all, while subsequent bruising and swelling is minimal if it even occurs at all.

In spite of these benefits, the weekend facelift doesn’t work for everyone. Although it does give the face a more youthful, attractive look, the procedure itself primarily targets the lower area of the face and will likely work best for people with heavier necks, double chins, or undefined jaw lines. The surgery is recommended for individuals who may be experiencing premature signs of facial aging but have fairly good elasticity of the skin.

More information about a facelift provided by plasticsurgery.org

Have No Fear, Nose Surgery Is Here

September 5th, 2014

One of the reasons why some people formerly postponed nose surgery was because it was not popular until recent years. Instead, the popularity of nose surgery today is a big motivator in favor of nose surgery. So, people forge ahead with nose surgery as adults with less fear after contending with ridicule as children and the adverse affect on professional and social life as adults. Others have postponed nose surgery because they have “fear” that the recovery will be too inhibiting.

It is the nasal packing that has been required to be worn which seems to have been intimidating to some interested in nose surgery today. However, there may not be a reason to be concerned about it now. Nasal packing is not required for every patient. The reasons for this are numerous. Nose surgery today may not result in excessive bleeding today, the former reason for nasal packing in many cases. Not all plastic surgeons use nasal packing any longer either. And those plastic surgeons that do use nasal packing have improved materials available to them so that they may pack the nose for a short period of time with less discomfort. Alternatively, a small nasal splint may be used following surgery for a week’s time with less discomfort. Nasal splints can leverage the recovery time period.

Next, comes dissolvable nasal packing. Recently, a plant-based biopolymer nasal pack may be used by some plastic surgeons to eliminate the discomfort associated with removing nasal packing. This particular nasal packing disintegrates inside the nose over a 24 hour time period. So, it is not a necessity for nose surgery patients to have a painful recovery. People interested in nose surgery should be aware of this fact.

Plastic surgeons like Jeff Hoefflin MD located at http://www.hoefflinplasticsurgery.com offer consultations in their practices to identify the type of technique that is most appropriate for the procedure and alternatives to the proposed technique. Plastic surgeons may also anticipate the type of recovery requirements associated with the techniques so that you are fully educated to make the best decision possible about nose surgery. Have no fear; see a plastic surgeon about your desire for nose surgery.

Protecting Your Skin the Smart Way!

September 5th, 2014

When you are someone who is concerned about your looks, the thing that you should be most concerned about is your skin! The skin shows age sooner than any other feature, and that is why it is so important to protect it. What can you do to make sure that your skin continues looking great?

First, remember that the sun is your skin’s natural enemy. Exposure to UV light damages skin, makes it look older and less elastic, and can even increase the risk of skin cancer. In order to protect yourself from the sun, it is a good idea to pick up a high strength sunscreen lotion. Essentially, sunscreen lotion contains things that allow it to act as a barrier between you and the harmful UV rays. If you are out in the sun, apply sunscreen lotion before you go out and then every hour afterwards.


Another thing for you to consider when you are looking at protecting your skin is vitamin E. Vitamin E is an excellent choice when you are looking at keeping your skin good shape because it helps moisturize your skin, and it will help your skin to heal from damage of all sorts. Vitamin E is often found as an ingredient in various health products, but you will also be able to find it in capsule form. If you want to go the direct route, you can simply break open the capsule and rub the oil directly on to your skin.

Remember that your skin should be moisturized on a daily basis. Rough skin and dry skin both result from a lack of moisture, and these conditions often contribute to making skin look far older than it is. Find a good hydrating lotion and apply it daily to your face and your skin in general.

You may also consider oiling your skin, a natural treatment that is found all over the world. Wash your face with water, and then rub a small amount of sunflower oil or jojoba oil into it. Soak a rag in very hot water and then wring it out. Cover your face with the rag for about a minute, and then use it to carefully wipe the rest of the oil away. This cleans and refreshes your skin.

Your skin should be your top priority when it comes to looking good, so consider what your options are and what products you need! Learn more about skin rejuvenation and skin care and decide whats best.

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