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Skin Care Revolution – Leading Edge Lasers

I pride myself on learning and performing the most up-to-date cosmetic procedures, and I’m pleased to include the Fraxel laser in my practice. Up until now, skin treatments have been harsh and invasive. But the Fraxel laser promotes your skin’s own healing process by stimulating the production of new skin cells and collagen.

It resurfaces your skin so precisely that it’s more akin to the retouching of a photograph than it is traditional laser treatments. It affects only a small portion of your skin at a time with thousands of tiny microscopic laser spots. In other words, it’s like fixing one pixel at a time in Photoshop.

This allows me to target the trouble spots very specifically, leaving the areas of skin that don’t require treatment untouched. This means that even delicate areas can be treated without becoming irritated, including areas other than the face that have sensitive skin like the chest, neck, and hands.

The laser actually penetrates deep to affect the layers of skin that need to be treated, while leaving the outer layer of skin intact. As a result of this “fractional” treatment, you can rejuvenate your looks in a way that looks absolutely natural with a very fast recovery period. It only takes a couple of days before you look better than ever because only the skin that truly needs to be treated is affected!

So, what can the Fraxel laser do? It’s excellent at eliminating acne scars, wrinkles (particularly around the eyes), dark spots from age, the sun, or uneven pigmentation, and many other skin irregularities. My clients have been surprised and thrilled with the results.

I’m passionate about this procedure because it’s an extraordinary technological advancement in the field of skin care. Being able to give my clients better results with less pain and a shorter recovery time is what my practice is all about.

For more information, please visit www.cosmeticsurgeryhappiness.com or Dr. Kirk Moore To contact the author, or to find out more about the content of this article, call (801) 685-2730 or email me personally at DrMoore@cosmeticsurgeryhappiness.com We serve clients from throughout the United States.

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